It’s not always like this

Lying on that sofa basking in
Appreciation and when will it
Stop what do you need to keep
This warm what if you can’t your
Brain goes in to shock when you
Realise you’re going to die

But there are other things too
That don’t last and then come again
And then don’t last and then you
Remember Ryan Gosling in this film
Perving on his student but also
Saying that history is a spiral and

People make mistakes and don’t
Forget to feed the cat and liking
Marx doesn’t make you an Orwellian
State and he stops perving on his
Student because human connection
Isn’t the same as sex even though
We say what we say and do

You think about life, you think about
Death but it’s not always like this
When you’re good, when you’re bad
It’s not always like this, when you
Lust after a dog dick in your mouth
It’s not always like this and they have
Barbs anyway so shut up you freak

What are you like but it’s not always
Good to play with people either
You have to be honest and lie you have
To be quiet when you shout you have to
Believe cynically in hope ah because
It’s not always like this

I look death in the eye sometimes
I panic sometimes I calm down
Sometimes it’s nice even this is
Being human you live which is
Change you die is change it is
Like this.

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