When I talk you hear petals in the wind

When I talk you hear petals in the wind
A wheeze of pretty vapours from my red
Lips some siren singing out of tune cries
Before your dull pupils as you speak
This is her this is the mad one Cassandra
Licks your ears wet and thick dumb
I drip nectar on your floor I sip your heart
The spirit wind fills these aether veins cut
By arrows crushed under foot under wheel
This death is a love poem and life sears
Open tips shut the flow to bottle up wisdom
On the draw of a fool card some back alley
Game you like to wonder by watching
Pictures move beyond your hands your eyes
Money drops you see it slide from this purse
This grip you had not considered loosening so
While I spread my legs you strut away and
Dogs take their turn knotting you say
That’s what she wanted and I say I’ll take it

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