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Very clear sky tonight only two clouds

Very clear sky tonight only two clouds
In the ink we’re floating above the water
Not winded like they usually are
Motioned we’re sitting on the concrete spur
Watching the sea pass us by pass in front
Pass the pebbles to our feet licking toes
Dragging us off into the current the lift
Air passes by our coats forelorn our t-shirts
The clouds are joining now that they see
We bathe in the moonlight glitter the eyes
Seed ears on the rocks cold hard on the soles
Never lack for warmth after dark when the
Moon speaks your name / in my mouth
And when the sun burns the same words too
Fit this skin but there the clear sky

Standing on the pebbles in the dark is

Being washed by the spirit water the
Mild ocean spray and the sound of this
Ceaseless movement that covers
In the night all is quiet around you and
No-one to worry about or watch swim
In the cold and if the spell was going to
Break you would hear them coming alone
On the pebbles behind you against the
Tide so here away from the lights at your
Back you can be at peace and let the spirit
Water clean out the dark puddles of your
Mind you forgot to think about earlier
As you stare off into the folds of life
Washing themselves and smoothing rocks
And grinding sand that gets stuck in your
Crack on other less stony kinds of beach.

The rush of blood as deepest tidal waves

Roll in just to pull away sun drenched
Beaches sucking up stones and sand glass
The regret of the beach washed is the regret
Of an emptied vessel the way the tide turns
Lingering a moment just to say
Drags and pitiful and limp the dropping
Heart the sunken pride perhaps with this
Dribbling of sea water it is sometimes the
Hardest thing softened by the waves
Need and knowing the way it will die
In your throat and on the tip of your
Where the sea meets the sand
The heat of its moment will be cooled
And slip away.