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Twelfth Night Live and Online

There’s a love beyond a fuck that lasts
And a fuck beyond love too short they
Meet constantly like in a cheap Shake-
spearian comedy mistaken and struck
By tragedy but still living and awaiting
True recognition these siblings these
Comrades these necessary parts of one
All mixed and split in our lives so ruined
This too often unhappy tumbling a pain
In the repetition a sublime join in the
Resolution so long lost and trampled

You can fuck or be fucked and enjoy it
But not love eachother, and you can love
Forever without fucking, you can love
Deeper than sex, I wouldn’t necessarily
Recommend it but it is possible and the
Problem is we mix them up, someone
Thinks sex is love, someone thinks love
Is sex, people lose lust and go off fucking
And get crushed by their own still virgin
Love and the jealousy and then people
Having affairs think they’re in love just
Because they’re in bed together and all this
Fucking confusion, you need to know
What you’re doing you need to accept
How you feel you can fuck right and love
Right but it won’t always be both, and it
Won’t always be either and you have to
Have the sense to know and know that
Reality will keep on being itself regardless
Of what you want from it and that is just
How the fuck it goes.

You’ve got some jam on your lip and

I don’t say
You’re making me new to your eyes
They could be yellow if I could look
Above the floor your bright shoes
And you gave me your ‘slut dress’ so that I could
At home in the quiet I jut my hips and
Massage my lips
With clay and
Wandering fingers edge my tips and
Because you believed me without being told
You didn’t slip under me or over me
I miss that slick prick
Pushing through skin
Dredging up thick weaves
The sinful sighs
Come again
Solicited and moaning
And I’m silent about my dress
And he’s laughing and smoking
And I’m sucking

It was like one of these Netflix shows

My camera face panning up thru the crowd
At your shoulder you looking back into the lens
The dusk light the pause that flows into
This off license where we buy pizza and sweet
Chilli sauce talking about postcards and flows
Through the phantom crowds to the grey door
That’s yours the faded stickers and peeling and
We’re walking up I think of your landing
I only remember your landing from leaving
Tomorrow in the bright and licking my lips
Like the stairway to the toilets in a new bar
Concrete and stark lying happiness the story
Of progress this is relevant to the show
And when we get into the flat it is muted
Colourful and old and small comfortable hallways
The housemate reassuring and exciting either
Brown hair or blonde the colours of extras
It’s an artistic flat a Shoreditch flat like
A Manhattan Flat or Greenwich flat or
Whatever it’s a film set flat that looks wonderful
To me and your room the orange wall and
Rough carpet I take off my shoes and shirt and
Fancy the bathroom is greenish and aqua
I settle in there for cleaning for pause this is
The time in the show for a monologue but
I look into the mirror and say nothing and pull
Up my foreskin and use the scented soap
And I wash my hole with the shower on full
But it will still leave shit on you and maybe
The camera goes to this, but it is less embarrassing
When it happens for final and you disappear with the
Latex like a spent vegetable, like an onion skin
And on the side of your bed this model seal
With the lube in it before I know what lube is
How vaginas make it how anuses are dry
I am sitting on your penis and the camera is on
Your bored face and you push up into the camera
Stand and the viewers can feel you and behind
Your beard you’re a beard and a chest and a bird
But we also eat pizza and watch cartoons you
Show me your poem you speak to your housemate
As I read and I am too busy being your bitch to
Read and you are too busy treating me like a person
To waste time on this bitch and we watch cartoons
Talk about your singing fish and the window is open
The cold morning cleansing me from here so
I hold you close and see things from your poem
The headlights the cars passing the crowds outside
As the camera pans out and the next
Scene comes too soon.