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You might want me in a bar sometime

And that’s okay I think that’s good I can see us discussing strategy who Will go to the toilet first we wouldn’t Go together and we’d linger awkwardly Or if no-one was there hold close and Kissing push into a cubicle and untying The door opens and we wait but

It was like one of these Netflix shows

My camera face panning up thru the crowd At your shoulder you looking back into the lens The dusk light the pause that flows into This off license where we buy pizza and sweet Chilli sauce talking about postcards and flows Through the phantom crowds to the grey door That’s

About Romantic Odds

(a drunk normally writes too simply for anyone) It doesn’t matter but you didn’t come I barely asked you to but you didn’t You didn’t answer and you didn’t I sat for two hours with two beers You would disapprove I didn’t talk but I got some good reading Charles

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