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You don’t notice the dawn if you sleep

The orange or red rising thru blue night
And how it chases dreams away from
Tired eyes you can’t see how it wakes
In you when you don’t want to raise your
Head from a pillow or low shoulders
These birds with their necessary beauty
Like a carefully chosen alarm ringtone
But better and how the night lights of
Your room dim in the coming day the
Wifi box once so bright or broken party
Fake candles or candles or lava lamps
How a morning saliva gathers in your
Mouth like the sun is meat like the day
Is flesh and how eyes ache to behold
Such wonders after a whole world of
Day and night gone by yes under the
Right circumstances dawn feels like
You’ve lived too long and refuse to stop.

She cut loose over the copse

The morning bird:
Singing into the fog of early dew, cutting the dull
Dank clouds with velvet wings, sharp as knives.
I watch her between the long, easy breaths of branches
And their leafy veils, following her flight through
A tunnel of clear dry air until all begins to soak
With mourning tears whilst the fields and woodland
Stir, and somewhere I catch her mounted by a fairy,
Driven down underneath the roots to elven kingdoms.

I drop into my puddle of lost veils: here below,
Where the leaves are sweet with fire colours.
They stare out from their spines. They crackle
Like rotted twigs in the wind, or tiny bones.

The sun comes up earlier now

And most of my daylight hours
The wireless box flashes non-responsive
I’m losing my sleep and dream
And wandering time there’s not
Enough dark in the moonlight to
Hide the world from my eyes
Illuminate the ravings of a heady
Projectionist flashing unrealities in
The quiet black in the room lit by
A laptop screen but the dawn is so
Perfectly restful and again beauty
The way the orange rises with blood
Light blue above like a tidal wash
Like a facemask the shadowed buildings
Somehow reassuring silhouetted
I suppose I can learn to daydream
In sunglasses and lying on deserted
Beaches home is a coastal getaway.