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The feeding of the instinct in the eye

And in the hand the adrenaline need
Meanwhile seated and curled some
Clicks in bones some sores the ache
Of the eye meanwhile backward this
Head focus gone or stayed sleepless
Such a casual feed apparently easy
Stressless except on the emaciating
Body these games these hands this
Warped mind desperate is one of
Many possible ends that in the false
World can be lived by the dying
Hope to sleep in order to wake and
The brain goes on past exhausted
Forearms wrists fingers broken brain
Goes on past the body the two selves
Split for the sake of a pyrrhic dream

The sun comes up earlier now

And most of my daylight hours
The wireless box flashes non-responsive
I’m losing my sleep and dream
And wandering time there’s not
Enough dark in the moonlight to
Hide the world from my eyes
Illuminate the ravings of a heady
Projectionist flashing unrealities in
The quiet black in the room lit by
A laptop screen but the dawn is so
Perfectly restful and again beauty
The way the orange rises with blood
Light blue above like a tidal wash
Like a facemask the shadowed buildings
Somehow reassuring silhouetted
I suppose I can learn to daydream
In sunglasses and lying on deserted
Beaches home is a coastal getaway.

The blue and green bulbs have gone out

On the Christmas lights around the mantle
Now all the room is red but that comes out
As comfortable low harmless the red lights
Are mostly rose like my flower is rolls of
Skin and pressing the look into writing the
Scent of pollen from stamen the dark walls
Become this canvas again become a wandering
Finger the cotton is hugging tight I close
My eyes and embrace on the cushions

It seems there will never be too many times
Lying listing to Feng Suave rubbing against
Fake velvet red light it seems there will
Always be lengths to occupy the empty places
In the tired morning where only the shining
Screen keeps me from dreaming sweetness
The need to bloodshot eyes the surrender
The numbing blue light I thought had gone