Tag: tired

The feeding of the instinct in the eye

And in the hand the adrenaline need Meanwhile seated and curled some Clicks in bones some sores the ache Of the eye meanwhile backward this Head focus gone or stayed sleepless Such a casual feed apparently easy Stressless except on the emaciating Body these games these hands this Warped mind

The sun comes up earlier now

And most of my daylight hours The wireless box flashes non-responsive I’m losing my sleep and dream And wandering time there’s not Enough dark in the moonlight to Hide the world from my eyes Illuminate the ravings of a heady Projectionist flashing unrealities in The quiet black in the room

The blue and green bulbs have gone out

On the Christmas lights around the mantle Now all the room is red but that comes out As comfortable low harmless the red lights Are mostly rose like my flower is rolls of Skin and pressing the look into writing the Scent of pollen from stamen the dark walls Become

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