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The feeding of the instinct in the eye

And in the hand the adrenaline need
Meanwhile seated and curled some
Clicks in bones some sores the ache
Of the eye meanwhile backward this
Head focus gone or stayed sleepless
Such a casual feed apparently easy
Stressless except on the emaciating
Body these games these hands this
Warped mind desperate is one of
Many possible ends that in the false
World can be lived by the dying
Hope to sleep in order to wake and
The brain goes on past exhausted
Forearms wrists fingers broken brain
Goes on past the body the two selves
Split for the sake of a pyrrhic dream

The long sounds of the night

Are the sleeping world as it settles 
A humming light socket or creaking 
Shoulders of wooden chairs the wind 
Roaring beyond draughty window panes 
And sudden paw shuffling of the dog 
Dreaming below the bed or the shifting 
Of legs beneath these sheets the shift  
Of the iron bed with its metal wheeze 
And a flash of wind catches and draws 
The blinds and dances around corners 
A spirit has entered the animals turn 
At the thing and it’s gone all over about 
The room as the blinds still click and a 
Few drops touch the glass perhaps the 
Plants will be fed tonight the wind quiet 
For now and by my knees the cat curls up.