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Model Enthusiasm

I’ve got you bleeding on my heart in miniature/
An action figure temptress/ arm missing
And the paint faded/ go figure that overuse
Would wear and tear your eyes
Still bright/ electric blue sugar tracing
Coronary romance/ your slow thump
Thud/ single-fisted/ thud/ amputee desperation/
Thud/ a Haribo Fuzzbox/ eat out slowly my
Creeping angina/ these sonorific inflections/
Still coming from your fizzled sound cylinder/
I keep Alex Turner in a box in the freezer/
Crystalline watery eye discharge and shut lids/
He’s between life and death now/ when I wake him
I’ll heat slow and careful/ he always opens with
Do I wanna/ and no/ it’s you again feeding
On my heart/ diminutive parasitical love bliss/
How beautiful the worm of an idea wriggling
In that grey matter jar/ demanding pickle juice/
Of red and blood or wine and fine/ spirits or
Caffeine or legal excess heart palpitation/
Explosive thumping and DVT and hours in
Front of the blue-white light softly screaming/
And you’re gnawing something fictional I’ve/
Got to breathe I’ve/ got to get a breath above/
Your erection pushing over my eyelids/ the
Watery discharge of eyes in distressed cold
And bulging/ weary discharge of eyes/ your
Presence up and dagger thru the ribs/ your
People calm dagger up the ribs/ ceremonial sword
In the eye/ your eyes and distant memories
Of perfect protrusions in panties a vision/
I try but I can’t replicate/ I hate the way
I beg your action figure for favours/
It just moans on the string pull and
Alex Turner/ snaps in the freezer box but
I’ve got superglue in the drawer/ danger/
Flammable liquid lighters catch well on bricks
Tho/ harmful vapour may spew affects the brain
Or nervous system/ prolonged paraplegic
Exposure may result in severity/ physical injury
Glue developed for war casualities, used by jilted
Lovers/ I may have thought about you too long/
And the others also feel this that I was burnt/
Before they set me on their eyes/ and that drunken
Prize value was lost on the turn of a lightswitch
Catching fire mechanism broken and glasses
Empty everywhere/ I don’t know your hair some
Silken straw maybe on a pillow or in a hand/
How does your worm still make me want it/
In my salt shaker chilli pot I’m your gusset/
Soaking or flattery aside an accidental art class
Colour mixing stain on something lost to black
Plastic landfill/ still too much I find and Alex
Shivers with me behind the scenery/ Bill Shatner
Shaking hands with a styrofoam dino meanwhile/
A Waitsian wino dribbles on my shoulder fabric/
Reassuring soft skull/ again/ like yours/ again/
Your pop-up platform shoots gyrating sheer
fairy wings/ flying pink papers scuttle what’s
Left of me/ that’s the story I hear recounted after
The dream/ what I wake up to even as I’m culling/
And they see it in the half looks cast away seeds
To salty turf/ they feel women in the fall/
My ratio is 4:7 and the lights are down low on
North London’s streets/Ally Pally apocalyptic market
Stalls lining my liver/ each concrete step the sweetest
Prostate-touching excrement/ and a catalytic mind’s eye over
Hollywood hills/ vest open tie low jeans hanging
Off thighs a belt buckle dangler bouncing/ the night
Propositions through a young creature/ wild whites
Locked about my lumpy indecency and Strongbow-
Scented exhaust fumes/ thanks but you can fuck off/
King’s Cross unfettered stomach adoration
Replacing you/ you lost in the folds of the past’s fat/
I’ll have another pint but they’re shut and it’s three-
if-you-can-get-it-in-the-morning/ Alex-trying-to-change-
My-mind-Turner to agree with the pit of my chest/ but
I’m still getting mined by friends or at least I wish love can’t die
Can only fade/ and yawning to the mobile buzz bright mean
Screen/ I’m alright in the bed spread/ trousers falling down
Stumble through the brain strain down an alley not in the rain
And piss in a cascade.