Month: May 2020

Watch the blinding light as theatre

Those movements in shimmer and Flicker and the glow like plot rolled Into actor and spread across the eye Shut eyes too tired to turn away or While blinking scorch a hole through This play this life this appreciation Of light too bold in its purpose but It’s warm still

I know the end will come which

Makes a mess of my soul’s Bedroom all littered with bottles And half-filled condoms bleeding out Lying on the stained carpet this heart Crying or staring at the ceiling wide Empty sight of understanding Mortality does strange things to a mind And acceptance the slow process of Cleaning the room

Sometimes it’s just the tragedy

Having nothing to say Or if there’s a pleasure catching in My throat too hard to speak On and so I’m sitting and Staring at this picture The glass a life I want and The more I stare The less I breathe and The glass stays glass Even while my

You might want me in a bar sometime

And that’s okay I think that’s good I can see us discussing strategy who Will go to the toilet first we wouldn’t Go together and we’d linger awkwardly Or if no-one was there hold close and Kissing push into a cubicle and untying The door opens and we wait but

The feeding of the instinct in the eye

And in the hand the adrenaline need Meanwhile seated and curled some Clicks in bones some sores the ache Of the eye meanwhile backward this Head focus gone or stayed sleepless Such a casual feed apparently easy Stressless except on the emaciating Body these games these hands this Warped mind

The long sounds of the night

Are the sleeping world as it settles A humming light socket or creaking Shoulders of wooden chairs the wind Roaring beyond draughty window panes And sudden paw shuffling of the dog Dreaming below the bed or the shifting Of legs beneath these sheets the shift  Of the iron bed with its metal wheeze And a flash of

Standing on the pebbles in the dark is

Being washed by the spirit water the Mild ocean spray and the sound of this Ceaseless movement that covers In the night all is quiet around you and No-one to worry about or watch swim In the cold and if the spell was going to Break you would hear them

He’s a lovely lad but my advice remains

Forget him and find someone else easier And smoother I think but much less desirable Easier easy is good I think life is short and Love is long etc ah love easy don’t fall in love Easy though love is hard falling in love is Easy you wanna love easy

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